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Domestic Violence

A charge of assault involving domestic violence is a very serious accusation and a very common criminal charge.  It as well often includes proceedings involving protective orders (restraining orders).

A person commits a crime of domestic violence if he commits one or more of the following offenses against a family or household member, or a current or former sexual or intimate partner, and where the conduct constitutes a credible threat to the other person’s safety:

  • Criminal Threatening
  • Sexual Assault
  • Interference with Freedom
  • Destruction of Property
  • Unauthorized Entry
  • Harassment

A conviction for a crime involving domestic violence can have serious consequences, to include never being able to possess a firearm again.  As well, if a person commits a crime involving domestic violence, there may be an enhanced prison sentence for that person.

If a person is served with any type of notice seeking a protective order against that person, that person is entitled to a hearing within five (5 )days.  Such a hearing is incredibly important because if a protective order is issued someone, that order may exist for a year or more, will prevent the person from doing certain things and going certain places, prevent that person from possessing a firearm during that time, and it will be part of that person’s criminal record.

If you are charged with a crime involving domestic violence or are served with notice of a protective order, you need an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney to represent you immediately.  Because a crime of domestic violence can be a misdemeanor or felony-level charge, a person convicted of it may be sent to the House of Corrections or the New Hampshire State Prison.  Such a conviction will also have other dire consequences on a person’s life.  The criminal defense lawyers at Wilson, Bush & Keefe have the proven record of success to defend you when you need it the most.


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