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Motor Vehicle Violation Demerit Points

The most common violations are listed below along with the associated points given by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

1 POINT          Failure to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license

2 POINTS        Unregistered vehicle
                        Operation without a Motorcycle license

3 POINTS        Disobeying required traffic control device
                        Failing to obey stop and yield signs
                        Speeding – less that 25 MPH above the posted limit
                        Failure to signal turn
                        Following too closely

4 POINTS        Driving without a license contrary to RSA 263:1
                        Speeding – 25 MPH or more above posted limit
                        Improper passing
                        Yellow line violation

6 POINTS        Driving after revocation or suspension
                        Disobeying a police officer
                        Reckless driving
                        Driving under the influence of drugs/liquor

Depending on an operator’s age, his or her license can be suspended due to an accumulation of demerit points.  Depending on your age, the following lists the amount of points you can accumulate per calendar year before your license is suspended by the DMV:

For drivers under 18 years old:

  • 6 points in one calendar year               =  3 month suspension
  • 12 points in two calendar years           =  6 month suspension
  • 18 points in three calendar years         =  1 year suspension

For drivers 18 – 20 years old:

  • 9 points in one calendar year               =  3 month suspension
  • 15 points in two calendar years           =  6 month suspension
  • 21 points in three calendar years         =  1 year suspension

For drivers 21 years old and older:

  • 12 points in one calendar year              =  3 month suspension
  • 18 points in two calendar years            =  6 month suspension
  • 24 points in three calendar years         =  1 year suspension

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