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Frequently Asked Questions

New Hampshire Court Process

Arrest: An arrest can be made by a police department at the scene of an incident or after the fact when an arrest warrant is issued. This person is the “Defendant” in the pending matter.

Depending on the type of charge and the Defendant’s criminal background, the Defendant can either be released on bail (personal recognizance or cash/bond) after the arrest. This is determined by a bail commissioner.  The Defendant can also be held pending arraignment in the local district court.


New Hampshire Court Jurisdiction

Supreme Court handles the following matters:

  • Appeals from:
    • Superior Court
    • District Court
    • Probate Court
    • Family Division
    • Administrative Agencies
  • Issues advisory opinions for the state executive and legislative branches
  • Certified questions from the federal courts


Criminal Law

Do I need an Attorney? 

If you have been arrested, or are being contacted/question by police, you should contact an attorney without delay.  The attorneys at Wilson, Bush, Durkin & Keefe have the experience and knowledge to give you the advice you need. Please contact the office to discuss your pending matter.



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