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Potential changes to New Hampshire medical marijuana laws

At this point, it would be difficult not to notice that marijuana law reform has been sweeping the nation over recent years. According to the most recent data, over half of the states in the nation and the District of Columbia now allow the legal use of marijuana is some form. In many of these states, marijuana can be used for medical purposes alone.

New Hampshire Marijuana Laws

Laws surrounding illegal possession, sale and manufacture of marijuana are regulated by both federal and New Hampshire law. In New Hampshire, New Hamp. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 318-B:26 references the applicable state law and respective penalties, each of which are discussed below.

What Are the Penalties for Possession and Manufacture and Sales of Marijuana in New Hampshire?

Possession. Currently in New Hampshire, it is a crime to knowingly possess marijuana. The penalties for breaking the law are outlined in N.H. RSA § 318-B:26 and may include a fine up to $2,000, up to one year in jail, or both.

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, driving while under the influence of marijuana is a crime. Unlike alcohol, which requires a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent to establish the driver is under the influence, any amount of marijuana in the driver's blood or urine will suffice establishing that the driver is under the influence. (N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. §265-A:2.)

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