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Charged With A Crime?

The attorneys at Wilson, Bush & Keefe are prepared to handle any criminal case. Our years of trial experience, from murder cases to motor vehicle crimes, allows us to vigorously pursue a client’s defense and employ strategies that will serve that client best.

Wilson, Bush & Keefe‘s lawyers practice criminal law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in both state and federal courts. We advise those that have been accused of a crime, are under investigation for alleged involvement in criminal activity, or fear that they may come under investigation.

We apply creative and aggressive strategies and seek to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Our clients have learned that hiring aggressive defense counsel to begin working on your criminal case early on can make the difference between facing misdemeanor or felony charges, or whether or not any charges are filed at all.

Contact Us To Discuss Charges

If you were charged with a crime, call us at 603-821-4802, or 603-809-0070 after 5pm or on weekends. You may also contact us online.