A Steadying Force In The Midst Of Crisis
Don't Give Up


I found myself facing very serious allegations from a former employer. The first few lawyers I talked said I was probably going to jail. I have a wife and kids, so I couldn’t have that. From the moment I met Chuck, I knew he would fight for me. He kept me informed, he kept me calm, and he got me out of the case without a conviction or having to pay any restitution. He saved my future and my family. He is a superb lawyer and I highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of a criminal lawyer.

-Craig Whitmore

I found myself in a situation where I needed a lawyer. Ashamed, I called Eric Wilson. When I spoke to him he made me feel so at ease and confident. I’m very pleased with his representation. Hopefully I’ll never be in this type of a situation again, but if I were, I’d definitely use Wilson again.

-Erin Smart

Tim Bush is a great guy and an exceptional lawyer. He has helped me in ways no one else could. His expertise got me and my family thru one of the darkest moments in my life. When I felt that my case would have turned out not in my favor, Tim stepped in and calmed me down and said no matter the outcome, you will get thru this!” What lawyer would have stepped outside the bounds like that to reassure me that everything would be okay. When I received a not guilty verdict from my peers, a weight was lifted. I just would like to thank Tim and his staff for being there for me when I needed help.

-Johnny Smith

The best you can have.

-Bonny Gleason

Chuck Keefe represented on a DWI third offense charge. I thought my life was over and that I would go to jail and never drive again. From the beginning Chuck and his office were great. They informed me of everything, stayed in regular contact, and gave me hope. Chuck was able to find a legal problem with one of the priors and I was able to work it down to a DWI first offense with no jail and a minimal license loss. It was a miracle I owe to him.

-Derrick Lawson

No one ever wishes to find ones’ self in a position to have to hire a defense attorney. The circumstances in which I found myself were embarrassing, and I felt deeply ashamed. I reached out to Eric Wilson, and got a call back from him just moments later. He immediately set me at ease and took the time to review the full details of the case. He was tireless in his respectful but firm communication with the opposing parties and worked to find an outcome that was in my best interest. Hiring an attorney doesn’t mean you’ll avoid the negative consequences you may be facing, but I can assure you that hiring Eric Wilson will put you in a strong position to face whatever may come your way. I’ll be forever grateful for his help. If I hadn’t worked with him, I risked losing my career, my ability to drive, and potentially my freedom.

-Pete Brogowski

My friend recommended Tim Bush. I Couldn’t have a better attorney! Tim bush took my case and kept me updated throughout the process. He is very Professional and understanding. He knows prosecutors and defenders in the area and will also give good advice. My case ended better then I thought with a violation. I would highly recommend him.

– Maria Peres

Empathy, Tact & Courtesy from the initial call to closure. I was saddened to have the need to contact legal counsel, but such exceptional service and kindness made the experience much less daunting. Thank you very much

-Moe Turcotte

Mr. Keefe and his entire office were fantastic in my case. I got arrested for a pretty serious case, and he and his assistant were great to work with. They were compassionate and hardworking, always kept me informed, and did a great job on my case. I owe them so much. Recommend without hesitation. Thank you!

– Christopher Ordway

Eric is extremely attentive, professional, honest and most importantly knowledgeable and effective. You will know you are in good hands right away. His support staff treats you like you are the most important client and communicates clearly and quickly. I would recommend Eric and his staff to anyone needing legal representation.

– Darrell Cove

When I called the office to schedule an appointment with Attorney Bush he personally returned my call with in a couple hours . He discussed my needs and briefly what some options were, then set up a face to face to discuss further. He was thorough in explaining all options and outcomes and I felt extremely confident. My case was settled in a very timely manor.

If you are looking for an attorney that is reputable, down to earth and truthful, look no further! I would highly recommend Attorney Bush.

– Dawn Young