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New Hampshire’s Laws for Drug Impairment

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2014 | DWI Charges

Chapter 265-A of the New Hampshire Statutes, titled “Alcohol or Drug Impairment” clearly defines what the law on this topic is and lists the penalties for offenses related to driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

According to RSA §265-A:2, no person shall drive or attempt to drive a vehicle while under the influence of “any controlled drug, prescription drug, over-the-counter drug, or any other chemical substance, natural or synthetic.” To be arrested as driving or operating “under the influence” of any of the drugs mentioned, it must be shown that the drug “impaired” your ability to drive.

The penalties for conviction under the “Alcohol or Drug Impairment” statute can be seen in Section 265-A:18. If convicted of an offense under RSA 265-A:2, the person is, among other things:

  • Guilty of a class B misdemeanor;
  • Fined a minimum of $500;
  • Required to submit to alcohol and drug abuse screenings;
  • Required to complete approved impaired driver education program;
  • Subject to license revocation for not less than 9 months

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