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Can Facebook Posts Be Used As Evidence in a Divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Divorce

Statistics from 2013 estimate that Facebook has over 500 million users globally, and that 250 million people log in every day. Social networking sites, like Facebook, have quickly become the primary method for communicating with friends and family. Users readily share information about their careers, family, friendships, and other personal matters online. Along with this personal information, photos are also shared, showing intimate details of a person’s life – whether it be of family, celebratory occasions, or even of a fun night out with friends. With one’s “online” life becoming so public and accessible, it’s no wonder that the information shared on social sites is more commonly used as evidence in divorce proceedings.

When users sign up to use a social networking site like Facebook, they are essentially giving up their right to privacy. Users willingly make the information and photos they post public domain material. While not everything posted may eventually become evidence, if information or photos are deemed relevant, content from Facebook can be printed and used against the other party in divorce court.

Whenever you post information or photos on a social media site like Facebook, it is important to ask yourself:

  • Does my post or photo offend others?
  • Is the information I am sharing unsavory?
  • How can this post or photo affect my life?

If you are facing a divorce stemming from an incident on Facebook or social media, it is important to consult a divorce attorney to review your situation and address any legal consequences you may be facing. An experienced divorce attorney at Wilson, Bush & Keefe, P.C.  can offer you the personal attention needed in a divorce situation and employ an aggressive and versatile strategy in an effort to obtain your goals.