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Your DWI could be costly

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | DWI Charges

If you get a DWI, there are many consequences that result. However, one of the main things that people realize is just how expensive a DWI really is. A DWI is more expensive than just the intake or administrative fees. You may have to contend with the loss of a job or license for your career, and you may see increases in other expenses as well.

One of the costs of a DWI that you will need to cover is the expense of a mandatory community alcohol information program. This program is now mandatory for anyone who is convicted of driving under the influence in New Hampshire.

How much is the mandatory community alcohol information program?

The mandatory community alcohol information program requirement makes you go through a program that provides education and classes on driving while intoxicated. The costs associated with the program include:

  • Intake fees of at least $70
  • $300 for the total cost of the classes, which take place over the course of 20 hours
  • Alternative fees for weekend courses, which are around $485

On top of this, you may need to cover the cost of getting to and from the program, such as by using public transportation, taxis or rideshare services.

Your DWI may cost you your right to drive (and create other expenses)

Another issue that you’ll run into with a DWI conviction is that you could lose your license. Usually, the minimum suspension is between 9 months and three years, depending on how many DWIs you have had in the past and your driving record. You may also need to pay for an Ignition Interlock Device, or IID, if you would like to drive despite having a DWI on your record.

As you can see, just these costs alone start to add up. When you consider the potential for losing a job, seeing increased insurance rates and other fees, you can see why a DWI costs more than you’d think. If you’re facing a DWI, you should make sure to fight against the charges. The penalties are harsh, but you have a right to defend yourself.