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How the New Hampshire drug courts help those facing charges

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Drug Charges

Drug charges are a big issue for New Hampshire residents. Although social attitudes about recreational drug use and addiction have definitely changed in the last few decades, there are still many consequences people face when accused of a drug offense, including jail time, fines and all the secondary consequences of having a criminal record.

For someone with a verifiable substance abuse issue and pending criminal charges, the New Hampshire drug courts could be a viable option.

Who qualifies for drug court proceedings?

Anyone facing criminal charges that they allege directly connect to their addiction could ask for drug court proceedings instead of criminal prosecution. For those living in the Nashua area, there are even felony drug court proceedings available.

You will need to provide evidence of your diagnosis with a substance abuse disorder and relate the offense to your chemical dependence. If you qualify, you will have to fulfill the obligations imposed by the drug courts.

What do drug court proceedings involve?

Unlike criminal court proceedings, which involve prosecutors trying to prove someone’s criminal activity while the defendant tries to establish their innocence, drug courts involved the defendant openly acknowledging certain misconduct while claiming that the issue stems from their chemical dependence. The courts help them secure treatment to prevent future offenses.

They will have to return to court for frequent hearings and will be subject to numerous forms of court oversight. It is common for people to need to complete inpatient rehabilitation or substance abuse treatment. Those involved with the drug courts will need to meet with drug court workers regularly and may need to submit to randomized drug testing. They will need to avoid additional criminal issues.

It takes a lot of effort and often well over a year, if not longer, to complete the requirements set in drug court. If you are successful, however, there are numerous benefits. You avoid having a criminal record or needing to serve any sort of formal criminal sentence. The required treatment and counseling involved in drug court cases could help you figure out the underlying cause of your substance abuse issues and regain control over your life.

Learning about your options when accused of a drug offense in New Hampshire could help you regain control over your daily life.